About Uretech

Wear Liner Systems

We understand the importance of keeping production up and running, whilst keeping maintenance downtime to an absolute minimum. Wear liners are used as a sacrificial component to protect assets from wear and tear. It is critical for these sacrificial liners to offer the utmost protection, without sacrificing safety or economy. Polyurethane wear liners offer all the above.
Uretech has conducted many tests, proving polyurethane to be more durable than steel in the right application.
Cost-wise, Uretech liners are comparable to steel on a square meterage basis. In the right application Uretech liners offer a significantly more economical solution, due to reduced installation costs, ease of handling and longevity.
Our liners eliminate Safety issues during change outs such as hand injuries, hot work and MSD injuries.
Our liners eliminate Safety issues during change outs such as hand injuries, hot work and MSD injuries.
Founded in 2004 in South Africa

Uretech is a market leader

Dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality polyurethane wear resistant liner systems. The company has registered several patents owing to its continuous innovation and product development. Uretech is also proud to be ISO 9001 certified and has been certified since 2009.
Compared to Steel Liners

The Benefits of Uretech Liners

Uretech has been at the forefront of polyurethane wear resistant liner systems development and testing since 2004
6 Times lighter than steel
Cost Effective
Highly durable in impact and abrasion
Substantially reduces noise
Dual color wear indicator allows for preventative maintenance planning
Dual color wear indicator allows for preventative maintenance planning
Faster and easier to install (Reduced on-site injuries)
Fiber-reinforced backing further reduces weight while allowing easy cutting and installation on site.

Blasting Barricades

Uretech’s Blasting Barricade is a light weight, safe, and highly durable barricade, designed specifically for underground mining of mainly precious metals. The Barricades are manufactured with a specially formulated polyurethane coating for blast and impact resistance.
Uretech manufactures all of its products in-house

Uretech products are sold and distributed, locally and internationally

Uretech, with its partners, have the technical expertise and experience to support an ever growing market for polyurethane wear liners, the next generation wear resistant liner systems.

Flat Liners

(Sheets & Liners)

Uretech offers flat liners in the form of sheets or cut-to-size liners. Flat liners have patented fiber-reinforced backing plates, providing stiffness to the liners.

Engineered Liners

(Impact Bars, Deadbox Liners and Bull-Nose liners)

The need for engineered liners came from high impact and abrasion applications where normal flat liners were not providing optimum solutions. Although Uretech has manufactured and installed a wide range of engineered liners, some of which have now become standardised products.

Customised Liners

Customised liners are manufactured on request, to the customers' specific requirements or needs. They are not seen as standard stock items. Examples of customised liners include bucket wheel reclaimer liners, specialised screen decks, ventilation equipment, corner liners, etc.
Uretech's unique liner systems have been tested and monitored in many applications

Typical Applications

Based on the successes we have had, our customers have standardised on Uretech’s product offering for many of these applications. Please see below some of the more popular applications where our products are used.
Our polyurethane raw materials are sourced from high-quality, world-class manufacturers.

We manufacture all our products in-house, under strict ISO9001 guidelines.